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Extract ~ Express ~ Exude Your Brand

Personal and executive branding is the future of executive career management. It means identifying and communicating what makes you unique, relevant and compelling so that you can reach your career goals.

Personal and executive branding is all about differentiation. It’s about leveraging what makes you exceptional so that you will stand out from others who offer seemingly similar qualifications, credentials and expertise.

Executive branding helps you competitively position yourself by highlighting your unique promise of value. When you become clear about your brand, your career takes on greater meaning and fulfillment. If you’re working and living on purpose, you’ll feel more energized, purpose driven, and fulfilled.

Personal branding allows you to be authentic and capitalize on your uniqueness

Aligning your executive brand, which emanates from your personal brand, with your employer’s brand is critical. Many companies recruit high-profile CEOs to boost market share and share holder value. Generally, if you have a strong brand, you can command a greater compensation package.

Our “Branding For Career Success” program is designed to take a deep dive into developing your personal brand, creating a communications and marketing plan, and establishing career goals in harmony with your brand. The program includes:

  • 10 view-on-demand web seminars that will give you everything you need to define, build and manage your personal brand.
  • Branding Guide & Workbook
  • 360 Assessment
  • Values Assessment
  • Vision & Purpose Exercises
  • Twelve-month membership in Reach Branding Club
  • Private Coaching with a Certified Branding Strategist

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