Landing an Executive Position

Proven Job Search Strategies That Win Offers

Landing An Executive Position will help you outpace the competition and land your ideal position in record-breaking time.

The book is filled with strategies and resources to help the senior-level executive land his/her next position quickly.

The executive job market is fiercely competitive and requires a multi-channel marketing approach to win in today’s market

Many job seekers follow the path of least resistance, which is the recipe for a very long and disastrous search. This book will help you avoid typical pitfalls and mistakes that most job seekers make.

Landing An Executive Position gives you a simple, proven, step-by-step approach to:

  • Recognize why the job search strategy you used five years ago doesn’t work in today’s market
  • Create a job search strategy based on your unique aspirations
  • Identify your personal brand and value proposition
  • Launch an effective job search campaign
  • Understand and pursue the hidden job market
  • Design a strategy to leverage your network
  • Build an online presence that attracts the right recruiters and decision makers
  • Prepare responses to tough interview questions
  • Plan for persuasive compensation negotiations
  • Get off to a roaring start in your new position

Available in softback and Kindle editions

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Harsh Reality of Today’s Executive Job Market
The Career Transition Success Process

Chapter 2
Why Executive Job Searches Fail
Common Examples of Executive Job Search Mistakes
Tips for a Focused Job Search

Chapter 3
The First Consideration: Changing Industries
Steps to Consider When Making an Industry Change

Chapter 4
Developing an Executive Job Search Strategy and Plan; the Foundation of Your Job Campaign
What’s Driving Your Career?
Passive vs. Active Search
Unique Job Search Strategy for Extraordinary Times
You Can Learn About Job Search Strategy by Studying Company Marketing Strategy

Chapter 5
The Critical Importance of Personal Branding and How to Leverage Your Innate Talents and Strengths
Personal and Executive Brand Development
Enhancing Your Executive Brand Within the Organization

Chapter 6
Understanding Your Value Proposition: How Your Values Align With What Employers Need
The Value Proposition Matrix
Key Considerations in Defining Your Value Proposition

Chapter 7
Uncovering the Hidden Job Market to Tap Unadvertised Opportunities
Understanding the Hidden Job Market

Chapter 8
Networking to Find Executive Positions in the Hidden Job Market
What is Networking?
Networking Sources
Seven Ways to Keep in Touch with Your Contacts
Elevator Pitch

Chapter 9
How to Use Blogs in Your Job Search
Using Blogs in Your Job Search
Examples of Blog Hosts
Building an Online Brand and Identity through Blogging

Chapter 10
Researching Target Companies and Creating a Marketing Campaign That Captures Their Attention
Targeted Research and Job Marketing Campaign
Research Information You Will Need to Thoroughly Understand Your Target Companies
Finding Answers About Target Companies and Positions
How to Use News Alerts in Your Job Search

Chapter 11
Marketing Materials That Attract Top Decision Makers
Types of Marketing Materials
The Dynamic Executive Résumé

Chapter 12
Conducting a Direct Mail Campaign That Generates Replies and Expressions of Interest
Types of Direct Mail Campaigns

Chapter 13
How to Identify the Different Kinds of Recruiters and Recognize Which to Work With and Which to Avoid
Beware of Recruiters Who Are Deceitful
Retained vs. Contingency Recruiters
How to Capture a Recruiter’s Attention

Chapter 14
Creating an Online Identity Using LinkedIn and Other Venues That Garner Favorable Attention
Job Search Web 2.0
LinkedIn: The SixFigure Networking Website
Other Social Networking Websites
Other Online Business Websites
Web Portfolios
Social Media and HighTech Résumés Online

Chapter 15
Developing and Preparing Your References
Tips for Developing References
Questions Your References Should Be Prepared to Answer

Chapter 16
Interview Types and Preparation Tips
Don’t Neglect Interviewing Skills
Interview Types
Interview Formats
Common Interview Questions
Closing an Interview
Preparing For the Interview
What Do You Know About Our Company?
Tips for Video and Webcam Interviewing

Chapter 17
Addressing Your Perceived Weaknesses and Turning Them into Opportunities During Job Interviews
How 55+ YearOlds Can Compete in Today’s Job Market
Voice & Attitude
Your Résumé
Are You Overqualified?
Perceived Weaknesses

Chapter 18
What to Do When the Offers Aren’t Coming In
Are Your Job Offers On Hold?
Eight Tips on Coping with Rejection

Chapter 19
Negotiating Techniques That Result in Higher Compensation Packages
Find Out What You Should Be Paid
Negotiating Tactics
Compensation Considerations

Chapter 20
Getting Off to a Roaring Start in Your New Position

Available in softback and Kindle editions

The executive job market is fiercely competitive and requires a multi-channel marketing approach. Landing an Executive Position is filled with strategies and resources to help the senior-level executive land the next position quickly.

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