Executive Job Search

Today’s job search requires a branded multi-media, multi-channel, approach that combines both traditional and contemporary job search methods. Job Search involves integrating the new web technologies such as:

Social networking sites (LinkedIn)
Executive directories
Web portfolio & profile sites
Niche sites
Blogs & blogging
Executive groups & forums
Video profiles & resumes
Social media sites

HarveyCareers Career Transition Success Program & Resource Guide

Our comprehensive Job Search Strategy, Planning, and Support Program helps clients land faster.

The program includes job search strategies, resources, venues, and tools that cater exclusively to the $100K+ executive.

The program includes in depth coaching focused on all aspects of job search:

  • Targeted job search strategies
  • Interview coaching
  • Job search communications & etiquette
  • Promoting & managing your brand
  • Establishing a professional online presence
  • Creating a blog & blogging
  • Networking introductions & strategies
  • Working with executive search consultants
  • Maximizing LinkedIn in your job search
  • Preparing & coaching your references
  • Creating a position proposal
  • Acceptance strategies / letters
  • Handling counter offers
  • Designing your onboarding plan
  • Planning your first 100 days
  • … and more

When you sign up for the Career Transition Success program, you’ll receive a copy of Landing An Executive Position: Proven Job Search Strategies That Win Offers.

The program also includes HarveyCareers’ Job Search Resource Guide with hundreds of resources for:

  • Executive job search venues
  • Networking venues & forums
  • Six-figure membership sites
  • Identifying the hidden job market
  • Preparing for your interviews
  • Resume distribution
  • Researching industries & companies
  • Finding executives & company information
  • Identifying executive search consultants
  • Salary Guides
  • Managing your digital footprint

To schedule a time to discuss the Career Transition Success program, send an email with your resume and the times you are available to Beverly Harvey.


Establish your online presence with an ePortfolio (also known as a Web Portfolio). An ePortfolio allows you to showcase the full depth and breadth of your experience and develop an online presence. With no page limitations, you can build a comprehensive ePortfolio that showcases all of your areas of expertise, your extensive background, and your qualifications.

For example, you can include:

project history
executive summary
press mentions
research projects
success stories
streaming audio & video
leadership profile
branding statement
speaking engagements
volunteer / pro bono work
pictures, charts & tables
downloadable resume
leadership philosophy
workshops & seminars
mission statement
technical skill sets

An updated ePortfolio allows anyone to view current information about you 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Investment for an ePortfolio varies with complexity of project. We’ll be happy to discuss your unique project and provide you with a quote. (Request a job search quote)



A blog is a website with regular entries of commentary on a particular subject.

To appear on the recruiters’ radar screen, consider publishing a blog focused on your area of expertise. An executive who blogs increases the odds of being found. A blog is a way to build credibility, demonstrate expertise in your field, and position yourself as a thought leader.

You can write about emerging trends, industry events, ongoing research or projects, new products and customer issues. You can also include white papers or articles you have written, your resume and bio, an audio presentation or podcast, a link to your website, webportfolio, LinkedIn profile and other social media profiles.

Investment for a blog varies with complexity of project. We’ll be happy to discuss your unique project and provide you with a quote. (Request a job search quote)

Learn more about getting on a recruiter’s radar screen by reading our article: Top 10 Tips for Getting on the Recruiter’s Radar Screen.

Online Social Networking for Executives

Social networking sites help you communicate your brand, thought leadership, subject matter expertise, and value proposition so that you will be sought after for opportunities.

To schedule a time for your Online Social Networking coaching, send an email with your resume and time you are available to Beverly Harvey.

Executive Resume Distribution – Targeted Mailing Campaigns

Targeted direct mail can be a great vehicle to identify unadvertised opportunities. Well-planned, well-targeted, and well-executed campaigns do get results!

You can develop an electronic or physical mailing campaign based on any one of the following categories or a combination of all four:

  • Retained Recruiters: executive search firms with an exclusive contract to fill a senior-level, C-suite, or board position.
  • Contingency Recruiters: search firms and staffing firms specializing in the placement of professionals at all levels.
  • High Growth Companies: An electronic mailing to rapidly growing and large US and Canadian companies.
  • Venture Capital Firms: An electronic mailing to venture capital firms. Many of these firms have multiple investment interests and are actively involved in recruiting executive talent for their portfolio of companies. One contact can result in multiple interviews and introduce you to some of the fastest growing companies.

Other Value-Added Services