Top 10 Tips for Getting on the Recruiter’s Radar Screen

by Beverly Harvey

Headhunters typically pursue executives who are employed…executives who are on the leading edge…executives who are moving the organization forward and winning market share. The best time to get noticed by a headhunter is while you have a job.

Here’s 10 methods for getting on the radar screen and positioning yourself to be noticed by a headhunter.

  1. Send out press releases to the media and trade associations when you have successfully led the company in achieving a corporate initiative. For example, did you structure an agreement with a major vendor or client? Did you implement a new technology system?
  2. Write two or three articles each year for your favorite trade journal. Using the same examples above, you could expand the press release to create a 600-700 word article.
  3. Speak at industry conferences. If that’s too daunting, volunteer for a high-profile position on a conference committee. A great committee to volunteer for is registration because you will receive a list of everyone attending the conference. As you’re registering each individual you’ll be increasing your visibility and expanding your network.
  4. Participate regularly in business networking events (both online and locally). There are several online groups including: LinkedIn (professional networking), networking) Networking for Professionals
  5. Volunteer for industry-wide groups. For example, a group of power company representatives lobbying for regional benefits, or a broadcast group pioneering standardization.
  6. Conduct enterprise-wide or industry-wide workshops or seminars. For example, if your company is a major supplier of leading pharmaceutical product, you may want to conduct seminars to educate healthcare professionals so they will purchase your product.
  7. Volunteer to head a committee in an industry association. For example a product review committee, advisory committee, or focus group.
  8. Spearhead an initiative in your company to sponsor a charitable event (an American Heart Association Walkathon, or a Golf Tournament) or educational scholarship through a local college. Be sure to manage public relations and promote the event to the media.
  9. Attend industry-leading workshops and seminars. Then send out a press release under your company’s name announcing your participation and new area of expertise.
  10. If you’re of the technical nature, start a BLOG. Short for Web log, a blog is a webpage that serves as a publicly accessible journal that reflects the personality of the author. You can use a blog to keep a high-profile image in your area of expertise.

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