Tips For Creating A Dynamic Cover Letter

by Beverly Harvey

A dynamic cover letter which properly markets your expertise can be the determining factor in winning an interview. Whether sending your resume via e-mail, fax or regular mail, a cover letter generating interest and selling your qualifications is a MUST.

To win consideration as a qualified candidate, you must position yourself as a professional who can deliver value far exceeding the investment the company will be making in you. To demonstrate your value, you will need to equate your track record of success with the needs of the prospective employer.

To create an extremely effective cover letter, you should identify a problem the company is having and position yourself as their problem-solver.

Additionally, your cover letter allows you the opportunity to compile, group and summarize your qualifications, competencies and achievements which are most relevant to your current career objectives while simultaneously demonstrating your written communication skills.

If you are seeking an executive-level position, you should include philosophies and outcomes regarding your leadership style, management techniques and ability to champion corporate visions and goals.

Remember, your cover letter needs to speak to the level of the position you are pursuing. It must be dynamic, confident and hard-hitting.

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