How to Handle a Rejection Letter

by Beverly Harvey

Since the human resource departments have been downsized, receiving an acknowledgment or rejection letter has become less frequent. However, after interviewing several candidates, most companies will send out a rejection letter to the finalists not selected. If you should receive a rejection letter, here are a few tips to keep the opportunity alive.

Send a letter in response expressing; 1) your regret at not being selected for the position, 2) your hope that you would be considered for future opportunities and 3) your sincere thanks.

In many cases, the company’s first choice may decline the offer. Or the new hire may work in the position for a short time and decide this is not what he/she expected and quit unexpectedly.

Whatever the case, if you have demonstrated exceptional follow-through and a sincere desire to fill the position, you will be top of mind when the company reopens their search for a candidate to fill the position.

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