Executive Career Coaching

Expert guidance to help you become a top performer in your field.

…Are you considering changing career paths, professions or industries?

…Are you clear about your career objectives?

…Do you have a clear understanding of your most significant skills, qualifications and value proposition?

…Have you taken several assessments and still aren’t sure what you want to do?

…Are you taking charge of your career and developing a plan for career mobility and continued employability?

…Are you having difficulty finding the perfect job?

As a Certified Job & Transition Coach and Certified Career Management Coach, I provide guidance and resources in your quest for career change and transition, career marketing and job search management.

Our coaching sessions range from 30 minutes to several hours on a variety of topics including:

  • Identifying Your Skills, Talents & Abilities
  • Planning Your Career & Setting Career Goals
  • Researching New Career Fields / Industries
  • Interviewing Process, Types / Formats & Expectations
  • Handling Difficult Interview Questions & Objections
  • Your Pre- and Post-Interview Portfolio Materials
  • Compensation Package Negotiations
  • Job Offer Evaluations
  • Researching What You’re Worth (salary-wise)
  • Developing & Managing Your Network of Contacts
  • Identifying & Reaching Out to Executive Search Consultants & Decision Makers
  • Coaching Your References – Your Most Valuable Asset
  • Job Search Etiquette
  • Job Search Strategies, Tools & Resources
  • Creating & Maximizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Researching Companies & Industries
  • Career Advancement Strategies
  • Finding The Hidden Job Market
  • Finding & Working With A Recruiter
  • Exploring a New Career
  • Identifying Your Personal Brand & Executive Brand
  • Assessments – Values, Interests, Attitudes, Skills
  • First 90 Days on Your New Job – A Strategic Plan For Success

Benefits of Hiring A Career Coach

Wouldn’t you like to be a top performer in your chosen career field?

Wouldn’t you like to jump out of bed in the morning enthusiastic about your job?

Wouldn’t you like to experience fulfillment in your work?

Wouldn’t you like to stop dreaming about the perfect career and start living the perfect career?

When you hire a Career Coach you will:

  • Set career goals that motivate and inspire you
  • Make better choices about your career path
  • Identify your personal and executive brand
  • Unearth your natural talents and passions
  • Identify your unique brilliance
  • Clarify your value proposition
  • Accomplish your career goals more quickly.
  • Climb the corporate ladder more quickly.
  • Experience a more fulfilling career and life

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Executive Career Coaching
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