Career & Life Coaching

Would you like to:

  • Flourish and live in a constant state of well-being
  • Live life fully engaged in your passions
  • Feel like you’re performing to your best potential & highest good
  • Find meaningful work that allows you to experience personal and professional fulfillment and a sense of contribution

We all move through phases in our lives where what used to give us pleasure, satisfaction and fulfillment just doesn’t do it for us anymore. Sometimes we’re aware that we need a change and sometimes we’re not. A sign that you are ready for a change could be when:

  • Everything seems to be going wrong and nothing seems to be going right
  • You’re feeling like there’s more to life than just this
  • You’re just not happy doing what you’ve been doing for the past several years and you’ve got an itch to try something new or different
  • What you’ve been doing to be successful for the last 15 years isn’t working anymore
  • Your children are out on their own and your role as parent is transitioning
  • You notice a pattern in your career that you don’t like – for example, getting fired from your last 3 positions, or repeatedly getting passed over for promotions you feel fully qualified to fill, or not being heard and respected in the organization
  • Something is nagging at you but you can’t seem to put your finger on it
  • You begin to wonder … What am I doing with my life? Where am I headed? Is this all there is to life?

Positivity and Mindfulness coaching can help you break through this phase and live a life of well-being – a life of flourishing – a life of fulfillment and optimism.

What Positivity and Mindfulness Coaching can do for you:

This type of coaching is the outcome of scientific research studies by leading 20th century neuroscientists and psychologists.

Positivity and Mindfulness coaching will enable you to:

  • Flourish, enjoy greater levels of happiness
  • Be more creative, more productive
  • Reduce stress and negativity and free up energy
  • Become healthier and stronger
  • Learn more easily
  • Improve your problem solving capabilities
  • Optimize your innate talents and strengths
  • Experience greater life-satisfaction and well-being
  • Be more effective in every area of your life and career
  • Develop a sense of identity and destiny

Positivity and Mindfulness coaching uses an integration of the disciplines of neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness to achieve an optimal state of well-being that creates a vibration from which you attract and manifest what you want to achieve and experience in your life.

What might your future look life if you could:

  • Feel more hopeful and positive on a regular basis
  • Be filled with emotional vitality
  • Think more creatively and optimistically
  • Act with more certainty and confidence
  • Develop resilience and bounce back quickly from disappointments
  • Feel more energetic and motivated
  • Identify what a meaningful life would be for you
  • Live with an optimal range of mental and emotional functioning
  • Flourish versus merely exist
  • Believe that the life you’d love to live is entirely possible

As a multi-credentialed coach, I offer a program to help you achieve what’s meaningful for you.

Wow! What an incredible journey. It was nothing short of a transformative experience – one that I never would have anticipated. I knew, going in, that you were a masterful coach and that your style was one that combined expertise, passion, empowerment, and compassion. In working together, you provided me with an opportunity to dig deep many, many times – and offered me tools and resources that tap my own innate strengths that I will draw on for the rest of my life. I absolutely want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the world of good the timing of this program offered me at such a critical juncture in my life.
JM, Entrepreneur, University Professor and Career Coach
Beverly, You have transformed my friend! I would say he is a totally different person but that is not accurate. He has actually become the best form of himself. He has grown into the person he was meant to be. Great work!
HD, Therapist

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