Success Stories

Testimonials from satisfied clients.

Beverly is a master at partnering with executives to achieve their career goals and aspirations. She uses her high level of EQ as well as her tried and true, effective strategies to meet the exec’s needs. Her style and approach in exec career coaching is thoughtful, transparent, and are immediately applicable. She has an art and science skillset to synthesizing the strengths and challenges the exec is experiencing into executable actions to achieve measurable impact. Last, but definitely not least, Beverly is kind and compassionate. As her work I am sure can be difficult with engaging varying high achieving personality individuals, she is an expert in navigating varying personalities to achieve the established career plan objectives.

It’s with my highest honor that I recommend Beverly as an exemplary and highly impactful executive career coach!

Merritt McKenzie, COO

You are absolutely the best! The reason I have been so late in responding is that I am involved in so many interviews that I barely have time to breathe. Once again, the way you have captured my experiences and helped to position my objectives has been remarkable. It really is a stepping stone for me to elaborate on why I am best suited for the positions I am interviewing for. Just last week I was asked to immediately fly to the East coast to interview for a position that they had already selected the executive to fill the job. I spent eight hours of interviews elaborating on my resume and followed up with the Leadership Addendum. They have asked me to meet with the board in two weeks and have suspended the offer to the other executive. This is a position with annual revenue responsibility in excess of five billion dollars, yes that’s right, $5 Billion.

Results: Rick accepted the position.

Rick Carreon

I wanted to let you know that a month and a day later I have landed the CFO job I was looking for. I truly believe my new resume and cover letter helped open the door.

I landed this position through the CFO Network group on LinkedIn. I saw a brief discussion from a recruiter looking for a CFO candidate. I participated in the discussion and received a response resulting in 6 two-hour phone interviews before I was flown out for an all-day interview with 6 people. I was then offered a job that included a raise and a relocation package.

Mona Heffernan

I landed a great job today!

This all happened quite quickly, but to my complete satisfaction. I will be moving to New York City to become the new EVP/COO for a policy information firm. This is a really fantastic opportunity for me that matches all my skills. The company is in rapid growth mode and is very profitable. This all played out quite well with a very attractive complete compensation package in line with what I was previously earning. I am very pleased.

Thank you very much for your expert assistance in preparing my resume and cover letter.

Craig Sawin

Hiring Beverly was the best move I have made in my job search. I agonized like many do at crafting a resume that adequately delivered the message of my achievements and caught the reader’s eye when reviewed. I initially hired a large firm to assist and it became apparent they did not understand my industry and used a standard format. After months of searching with my old version, prior to Beverly’s assistance, with very little success, I was amazed at the reaction to my new resume. It was like changing to the right bait when fishing. I received almost instant hits and have had numerous interviews as a result. I highly recommend Beverly’s services.

Randel Waites

I wanted to give you the good news that I am going back to my former employer.

I firmly believe that the resume you prepared for me was one of the reasons I got an interview for this job (and interviews with other major companies). As a matter of fact, the outplacement firm I was working with when I first was laid off said that my resume was one of the best they had ever seen. And, you know how many resumes go through them!

Mark McNealy

I am glad to write that I have accepted a Director of Finance position.

Everything you have been saying about looking for jobs in today’s market is so true. The market has changed, especially for us in our 50’s. This job was a result of me networking with people I know. Selling yourself and your professional skills is an art and you have to be good at it. Blowing interviews (which I have done) is costly, you must be prepared at every interview. You need to know more about the company than the interviewer, and you must be in control. Not all interviewers know how to interview. In addition you need a good professional resume. I received many compliments on the resume you prepared for me. The resume is the ‘first look’ at you and means the difference of getting that phone call and the interview or nothing.

It was a great learning experience and confidence builder. The professional resume you prepared was an integral part of my success and I must “Thank You”.

Brian Cronin

Thanks to your expertise and talents, I did secure a new position as a project manager for Prometric/Thomson Learning. As such, you helped me increase my salary a whopping $15,000. Thanks!!!!!

Ann Shenasky

I wanted to let you know that I was successful in finding a new position to which I transitioned on December 1. I am convinced that the improvements you made to my resume were instrumental in helping me communicate a true value proposition to prospective employers. I feel very fortunate, and I really appreciate your efforts.

Maryann Munson

I got a job offer last night. It is fulfilling my dream destiny job, using everything I learned and was trained to do. I will be a GM over three plants in the recycling industry. Odd, this was not a job I applied for. They found me. He had the resume you made for me stuffed in a drawer for many months, and does not remember who gave it to him. So thanks, it was your resume that got the RESULTS.

You do very good work, are very dedicated to doing complete and professional work, and I always appreciate your newsletters.

Bill Rickher

Just wanted to thank you. Back in March of this year I utilized your services to write my resume. After 28 years with the same company writing a resume was not one of my strengths. I can tell you that I just secured a new job with a very nice compensation package.

I probed the recruiter and he confirmed that he had received over 250 resumes for this position. My resume was one of six selected for the first pass. He also confirmed that the style, format and “punch” delivered in the resume was a major factor.

I was unsure originally if this was money well spent. After seeing all the competition out there I am
convinced without this “eye grabber” I would most likely be in the “thanks but no thanks pile”.

Thanks again and I have forwarded a recommendation of your service to colleagues.

Bob Adrasto

Thank you for your work with my resume. Using the version you created, I submitted it for a couple of jobs in the later part of May. One of the first three I submitted for got back to me and it has resulted in my being offered a position at Kennedy Space Center. For me, this is nearly a dream come true! Given the success I was having before your help, and the success I had after, I am convinced that your work was the key. Thank you very much!

A. Sherman

It is a pleasure to tell you how pleased I am with the resume that Beverly created for me!

First of all, on a scale of 1 to 10 – my resume is a solid 15! 

The first thing that every recruiter and HR person says to me is, “Your resume is very impressive.”

I was impressed with the time that Beverly took to “grill” me regarding what it was that I wanted my resume to say. Oh, and all of the homework she assigned me in advance was really worth it. If nothing else, it forced me to take a look at what I had accomplished and where I really wanted my career to go.

An unexpected plus for Beverly’s resume is the fact that once I am talking to a possible employer, I am able to quickly determine if the position is something that would actually interest me. Several times I was able to say, “As you can see from my resume, my expertise and background would be better utilized in another position.”

I guess what I am trying to say is that my resume has given me the advantage in my career search . . . I have become more confident in my interviews with prospective employers to the point where they find themselves “selling” their company to me!

Several interviews later, I am in the process of negotiating with a company for a position that is a perfect “next step” in my career path, and I know that my resume was the key that opened the door.

Results: Donna accepted this position.

Donna McMullen

I just accepted the offer from *** Healthcare! Thank you for your coaching assistance and advice throughout the process. When people ask me for a good Career Consultant, I can respond by saying “I know the BEST.” Thanks!

Joe M

Good news! I got the full-time development job that I was hoping to get. The guidance you gave me was very important. I realized I wasn’t doing an adequate job of projecting a confident, professional, and somewhat assertive demeanor, either in my resume, or in my day-to-day interactions. I’ve used the things I learned from you not only in this job search, but also in the marketing of my freelance skills, which has been going quite well.

Lesley M

Thanks to your clever resume and my extraordinary charm and talent, I accepted a Regional Manager position for a semiconductor manufacturer. Thanks for your help.

I. Peter

I was getting no responses to my resume. After you did your magic on my resume I had 3 offers in one month. Would not have my present job without your work. Super thanks.

Count John S. Vasconi, CPP, PIC

Thank you for your assistance with the resume and cover letter and morale support. I found exactly what I wanted, and on my own terms.

Peter C., Senior Marketing Executive

I thought you should know that I began my new role as SVP of HR of a highly innovative biotech firm in the personalized medicine arena. I report to the CEO and love being part of a senior business team again. My preparation with you was really helpful as I thought about my “value proposition” at this point in my career. I do not believe I would have been successful without this reflection on my strengths and experiences. Thanks again for helping me kick-start my career move!

Kim McEachron

I’ve been hired. Thanks for the great job you did for me. I was told by the President of a major company that I will be working for soon — that my cover letter was the best she has ever read. Thanks for everything, I never thought I would receive a job offer so quickly.

Margie L., Marketing Specialist

I really enjoy your newsletters. I can’t remember if I have written in the past but I am definitely one of your success stories. You wrote my resume late last year and I was contacted by Shell’s recruiting. I got a job working as a Financial Analyst at the Convent Motiva Refinery. I have done very well since I started and have already received a recent promotion into a new role. I know I wouldn’t have attracted the recruiter if it wasn’t for the great resume you wrote for me. Thanks so much for all your help!

Charles Passauer

Beverly I found your services to be of the best quality. It was delivered efficiently and exactly what I wanted. I have had many complements on my resume. I was inundated with phone calls and accepted a great position. Thank You.

Sanford L., IT Project Manager

I hope this note not only finds you well but finds you as amazing as only you are!

I found you to be a genuine breath of fresh air and a consummate professional, you are truly an eloquent wordsmith. The way you extrapolated only the pertinent information and applied it with a ” Human Touch” is truly what put my resume over the top. I may not be your typical C- Level executive but I’ve reached the Senior Executive level of my career and believe that my abilities may have gone unnoticed had it not been for your words.

My career had been on a year long path leading nowhere, after sending out your resume I landed a new position with a company that I truly hope to retire from! I’m a regional Director of Facilities for California Pizza Kitchen. I cover the entire East Coast of the U.S.
I would love to and could very easily sit here and scream your accolades all night but sadly I only have 75% of my battery left! LOL

Thank you again and again for the picture you painted.

Randy Alper

I thought I had a good resume because I was receiving some responses. But after you rewrote my resume, I received a response from every resume I sent out. Last week I was hired!

Tom G. (IT Project Manager)

Beverly is a real professional and does a very good job taking my ramblings and turning it into a resume/CV that gets offers. I have worked with her on several occasions and always been very happy with her work. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a professional coach/brand builder.

Note: Andy landed the CIO/CTO position he was pursuing.

Andy Schwalb

I’ve had a ton of success with the new resume and cover letter and I’m actively interviewing for 5 roles at major organizations. You work is amazing!

Eneetra P. Livings

Remember the position I talked to you about with Verizon Business where a friend of mine had forwarded my resume to the hiring manager. The hiring manager finally called (and thankfully after you had coached me on the Interview skills) and after four rounds of interviews, I was offered the position of a Deputy Program Manager. The package is very lucrative but more important the opportunity is great and I am looking forward to the challenge. Verizon Business has won a huge contract to implement their network infrastructure at 2000 American Express locations worldwide and I will be the number 2 in command heading this implementation.

I wanted to thank you, first off for doing such a great job on my resume and then for all the tips and coaching throughout my journey. I will be talking to you soon when I’m ready to make my next move up.

B. Subramanian

I am happy to tell you that the consultant position I have been working on has turned into a reasonable job offer. It took about four months, but hooray! Thank you for all your great advice.

Jennifer Warren

It was a pleasure working with Beverly and her team at Harvey Careers during my job search. Her comprehensive and professional approach in helping me prepare my resume, cover letter, references, salary profile and Linkedin page was spectacular. She was extremely responsive and worked diligently to help me meet the time frames behind various opportunities. It was through her help that I landed a role as the President of US operations of a fast growing company. Having professionally prepared documents were well worth it and I believe made a huge difference.

John Kowalczyk

Beverly takes you through a process that makes you think through what value and leadership you offer a potential employer beyond your essential skills. This is valuable for interview preparation but most importantly to position your job search for the best fit opportunities.

Shaun Heelan

I have received very positive feed back on my resume and the cover letter Beverly helped to craft. It has been perfect–hitting the nail on the head each time! I’d sit down to edit it and finally after several of these sessions I realized that I really didn’t have to fine tune it –it worked every time! That alone has been worth the time and effort Beverly and I spent together during our strategy sessions.

I found the Job Search Strategy and Research Guide extremely comprehensive. It exposed me to many unknown tools and methods. I liked the logical and easy to use manner the Guide was laid out and feel it has provided the infrastructure I needed to conduct my job search in an organized, thoughtful way–helping me keep organized and moving ahead.

Non-Profit CEO

I read this and think, “WOW” is that really me in there? Never realized the difference words can make when applied properly. I am thrilled with the outcome.

Tim Payne

Beverly’s worksheets are excellent tools that helped me really focus on my brand marketing. The follow-on interview was quite in depth and the results were an excellently crafted resume, and executive bio, and cover letters that have helped me get noticed! Thanks, Beverly, on a job well done!

Adolfo A. Garcia

Beverly, it has been a pleasure. I really like what you have done with my resume—and it will be easy to adapt to almost any new opportunity. I am going the whole nine yards with your career services. With your help, I feel better prepared for the next great thing in my life.

Randall Chapman

Thank you again for your time and excellent direction for re-steering my job search. Harvey Careers is a cut above in that they reach beyond supporting for the executive management market, but also care about the average work force personnel and are willing to extend a helping hand to each inquiry for career counseling.

Hats off to Harvey Careers! Thank you again.

Donna Scott

Thank you for all your support and encouragement, you boosted my success quotient.

Paul M., Customer Service Representative

Thank you so much for getting this done!  I truly appreciate you taking this on and doing such an incredible job of taking data points that made very little sense and creating a resume that eloquently describes everything we talked about.  I especially appreciate your extreme patience with a client that has no time to pay attention.  I received the materials and they are beautiful.  There is absolutely no way that I could have done this without you.

Thanks a million!

Jeff Bailey

When I received my resume, I had a hard time believing it was me, it was accurate, to the point and beautifully laid out so you could read it quickly and still get all the information. Thank you Beverly for a super job.

Betty Shulman, Web Designer

Thank you for your incredible magic tricks!! I feel as though I walked into your office, a recent college grad with no chance of job consideration. However, after accomplishing many goals, I feel as though my resume has WINNER written all over it! I felt very comfortable in your capable hands, and hope that you know how much your help means to people like me. My excitement and perseverance toward attaining my goal, along with a beautifully written resume will hopefully gain the attention of a future employer.

Amanda W., English Grad

Just wanted to shout out and acknowledge your work. You are a remarkably effective and provide a stellar example of professionalism. I am glad and honored we are working together.

JD Megargel

For once, I’m totally impressed! To take the many directions I’ve taken in my quest for a career — most having no connection — and present them in such a positive and dynamic chorus is truly mind-boggling! Unbelievable! After reading the resume, I almost picked up the phone and hired myself!

Fabulous, BH!

Mike The Mad Artist

Even though I’m a marketing professional, Beverly was able to market me better than I ever could on my own. She’s an invaluable resource that every business professional should have available. If you’re about to launch a job search, you need to contact Beverly.

Peter C., Corporate Marketing Executive

Beverly was recommended to me last May when I was released from the company I had worked for after 28 years. Needless to say, it had been many years since I had thought about a job search and I didn’t really know what I wanted to pursue. Beverly systematically helped me define my “passions” and narrow my scope for a job search. We then formulated a couple of different resumes to address different interests. She was extremely professional and her guidance and direction was invaluable. She spends the time to get to know you very well, and then creates a resume that defines your experience and value to a company far better than I could have imagined.

The Platinum Job Search Program has given me countless tools and resources to help with my search. In addition, Beverly has constructed a well defined path for getting you to the job you are looking for with several additional tools to keep you on track. She creates a supportive networking environment with the Platinum Search Group and tells you what you need to hear for feedback. Looking back, I can’t imagine where I would be without all of the guidance, tools, and resources that Beverly has given me. There has rarely been a time that I didn’t look forward to starting the day jumping into my search mode because Beverly has put so many options in my path. As you get to know Beverly you quickly realize that she is motivated to help you succeed. She came recommended to me very highly and I recommend her in the same light to you!

Brett Moulton

Beverly designed my resume as a professional advertisement of my skills and talents. It is brief, focused, and effective and has peaked the employer’s interest and generated interviews. In addition, her cover letters target your prospective employer telling him/her what contributions you can make to them.

Jean V., Advertising Specialist

Beverly was quite adept at helping organize an efficient executive search that included personal marketing assets that stood out in our digital economy, as well as practical plan for me to execute. Throughout the effort, Beverly was readily available with relevant advice provided in a direct and constructive manner. Beverly knows her craft and my time with her was well spent that enabled me to realize my search objectives.

Michael McBride

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