Does Your Resume & Cover Letter Speak To Today’s Crisis?

by Beverly Harvey

If you’re conducting a job search during this economic downturn, be sure to review your marketing materials and interview portfolio to ensure that you have included contributions and accomplishments that will be beneficial to companies trying to survive today’s economic crisis.

Highlight accomplishments you’ve had in keeping a company afloat or thriving during a difficult time. While it might not have been a global recession, many industries, markets and companies have undergone their own market downturn, slump, or crisis.

For instance:

  • The accounting scandals that led to a series of spectacular corporate collapses, while others survived unmarked
  • The dot com bust that caused a downturn in all high-tech fields and subsequent two-year recession
  • The printing or publishing industry continually threatened with technology that empowers amateur end users
  • The airline industry’s ongoing peaks and valleys
  • Or the many industries threatened by foreign imports

As senior executives, how do you keep threatened companies afloat? How do you position them as industry leaders despite economic crisis?

Looking back at each of the companies you have worked for, consider the most difficult times the company experienced and identify your contributions to the company’s survival.

Weave these contributions and accomplishments into your resume and cover letter. If you have many examples, create an addendum and title it something like, “Critical Leadership Initiatives During Recessionary Times” or “Recession-Proof Leadership Initiatives” or “Leading Companies Through Recessions.”

You’ll be more apt to win the hearts and minds of boards and senior-level executives when you can demonstrate that despite very difficult times you have been able to deliver results.

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