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The executive job search is more complex than it has ever been.

  • The market is fiercely competitive
  • Personal branding is now the keystone of an executive resume, LinkedIn profile and job search strategy
  • Today’s executive resume must showcase your unique value proposition and ROI
  • A professional online presence has become a pivotal necessity
  • Today’s employers are looking for an exact fit
  • Virtual networking has become the heartbeat of the executive job search
  • Recruiters and interviewers are continually leveraging cutting-edge technologies
  • The hidden job market continues to grow and become more elusive
  • A confidential job search is becoming more difficult in today’s transparent economy
  • Career management is a necessity escalated by the shrinking job tenure

Are you prepared to deal with all of this?

If not, consider partnering with Beverly Harvey, an executive career coach, master resume writer, and author of Landing an Executive Position, who specializes in C-suite executives, senior-level executives, and other leaders earning 6- and 7-figure salaries.

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