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The executive job search is more complex than it has ever been.

  • The market is fiercely competitive
  • Personal branding and storytelling is now the keystone of an executive resume, LinkedIn profile and your job search strategy
  • Today’s executive resume must showcase your unique value proposition and ROI
  • A professional online presence has become a pivotal necessity
  • Today’s employers are looking for an exact fit
  • Virtual networking has become the heartbeat of the executive job search
  • Recruiters and interviewers are continually leveraging AI, ATS, and emerging cutting-edge technologies
  • The hidden job market continues to grow and become more elusive
  • A confidential job search is becoming more difficult in today’s transparent economy
  • Managing your career is a necessity escalated by the shrinking job tenure

Are you prepared to deal with all of this?

If not, consider partnering 1:1 with Beverly Harvey, an executive career coach, master resume writer, and author of Landing an Executive Position, who specializes in C-suite executives, senior-level executives, Board members, and other leaders earning 6- and 7-figure salaries.

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