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The executive job search is more complex than it has ever been.

  • The market is fiercely competitive
  • Personal branding and storytelling is now the cornerstone of an executive resume, LinkedIn profile, and your job search strategy
  • Today’s executive resume must showcase your unique value proposition and ROI
  • A professional online presence has become a pivotal necessity
  • Today’s employers are looking for an exact fit
  • Virtual networking has become the heartbeat of the executive job search
  • Recruiters are continually leveraging applicant tracking systems, artificial intelligence, and continually emerging cutting-edge technologies
  • The hidden job market continues to grow and become more elusive
  • confidential job search is becoming more difficult in today’s transparent economy
  • Managing your career is a necessity escalated by the shrinking job tenure

Are you prepared to deal with all of this?

If not, consider partnering 1:1 with Beverly Harvey, an executive career coach, master resume writer, and author of Landing an Executive Position, who specializes in C-suite executives, senior-level executives, Board members, and other leaders earning 6- and 7-figure salaries.

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What our clients are saying about us:

Beverly is a master at partnering with executives to achieve their career goals and aspirations. She uses her high level of EQ as well as her tried and true, effective strategies to meet the exec’s needs. Her style and approach in exec career coaching is thoughtful, transparent, and are immediately applicable. She has an art and science skillset to synthesizing the strengths and challenges the exec is experiencing into executable actions to achieve measurable impact. Last, but definitely not least, Beverly is kind and compassionate. As her work I am sure can be difficult with engaging varying high achieving personality individuals, she is an expert in navigating varying personalities to achieve the established career plan objectives.

It’s with my highest honor that I recommend Beverly as an exemplary and highly impactful executive career coach!

Merritt McKenzie, COO

You are absolutely the best! The reason I have been so late in responding is that I am involved in so many interviews that I barely have time to breathe. Once again, the way you have captured my experiences and helped to position my objectives has been remarkable. It really is a stepping stone for me to elaborate on why I am best suited for the positions I am interviewing for. Just last week I was asked to immediately fly to the East coast to interview for a position that they had already selected the executive to fill the job. I spent eight hours of interviews elaborating on my resume and followed up with the Leadership Addendum. They have asked me to meet with the board in two weeks and have suspended the offer to the other executive. This is a position with annual revenue responsibility in excess of five billion dollars, yes that’s right, $5 Billion.

Rick Carreon, CEO

I wanted to let you know that a month and a day later I have landed the CFO job I was looking for. I truly believe my new resume and cover letter helped open the door.

I landed this position through the CFO Network group on LinkedIn. I saw a brief discussion from a recruiter looking for a CFO candidate. I participated in the discussion and received a response resulting in 6 two-hour phone interviews before I was flown out for an all-day interview with 6 people. I was then offered a job that included a raise and a relocation package.

Mona Heffernan

Hiring Beverly was the best move I have made in my job search. I agonized like many do at crafting a resume that adequately delivered the message of my achievements and caught the reader’s eye when reviewed. I initially hired a large firm to assist and it became apparent they did not understand my industry and used a standard format. After months of searching with my old version, prior to Beverly’s assistance, with very little success, I was amazed at the reaction to my new resume. It was like changing to the right bait when fishing. I received almost instant hits and have had numerous interviews as a result. I highly recommend Beverly’s services.

Randel Waites

Just wanted to thank you. Back in March of this year I utilized your services to write my resume. After 28 years with the same company writing a resume was not one of my strengths. I can tell you that I just secured a new job with a very nice compensation package.

I probed the recruiter and he confirmed that he had received over 250 resumes for this position. My resume was one of six selected for the first pass. He also confirmed that the style, format and “punch” delivered in the resume was a major factor.

I was unsure originally if this was money well spent. After seeing all the competition out there I am
convinced without this “eye grabber” I would most likely be in the “thanks but no thanks pile”.

Thanks again and I have forwarded a recommendation of your service to colleagues.

Bob Adrasto

I am glad to write that I have accepted a Director of Finance position.

Everything you have been saying about looking for jobs in today’s market is so true. The market has changed, especially for us in our 50’s. This job was a result of me networking with people I know. Selling yourself and your professional skills is an art and you have to be good at it. Blowing interviews (which I have done) is costly, you must be prepared at every interview. You need to know more about the company than the interviewer, and you must be in control. Not all interviewers know how to interview. In addition you need a good professional resume. I received many compliments on the resume you prepared for me. The resume is the ‘first look’ at you and means the difference of getting that phone call and the interview or nothing.

It was a great learning experience and confidence builder. The professional resume you prepared was an integral part of my success and I must “Thank You”.

Brian Cronin